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Bodylastics Resistance Band Exercises And Why You Can Use Them

on Mon, 05/18/2015 - 13:30

You can do resistance training literally ANYWHERE you feel like it!

Bodylastics Quality
Are you always looking for new ways to create fun workouts? A great way to really “spice up” your personal training sessions is to get out of the gym for outdoor workouts if at all possible. If you live in a place that has the climate to allow this, you will find this particularly enjoyable.

Ok, I hear you say, what about humping all that equipment around until I get to the “ideal” place to workout? Simple! This is where the Bodylastics range of equipment comes to your rescue!

Bodylastics will be there for you as a light and easy alternative so you can grab your bag of bands and literally run to the nearest park for a whole new way to workout in an environment that literally enlightens and empowers you.

How tough are Bodylastics and how do I know they will last?

1. Bodylastics are extremely well made and have quality materials throughout and also have reinforced ends as standard, which allows them to last, with proper care, for a very long time (it’s advised not to leave them in the sun!).

Other resistance bands, which are not always cheap either, have been known to break with heavy use. Bodylastics are designed to handle heavy use over time and they do it with ease.

2. The clips that are fitted on the end of Bodylastics resistance bands allow you to add up multiple bands to give you tougher resistance if that’s what you are looking for.

I have found that $100 worth of Bodylastics bands will give enough resistance for just about anyone, anywhere.

Bodylastics comparison
How Are Bodylastics Bands Constructed?

Bodylastics bands are constructed with various sizes of surgical tubing.

At each end of the resistance band, there is a snap ring that also tells you how much resistance is provided by the band.

Bodylastics handles are very comfortable and very high quality. They are comparable to the handles on an expensive weight machine.

Dependant on the pack you choose to buy, you can get up to 4 handles, a door anchor, and ankle/wrist straps.

What Can You Use Bodylastics For?

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Serve Many Purposes

The first thing to note is that resistance provided by tubes or bands is different from that of free weights and body weight.

Because the material which makes up the bands is made to stretch, it figures that the further the band stretches, the more resistance there is. Because there will be the most resistance towards the end of the motion range during every exercise, it proves very useful.

Why is this useful? Because the end of the range of motion is generally neglected when using free weights and yet Bodylastics band exercises help to contract the muscles fully. It’s also possible to add Bodylastics to traditional strength training barbell exercises so as to increase resistance towards the end of the motion range.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands

You Can Get Very Light To Very Heavy Resistance With Bodylastics Too

The Bodylastics Super Strong Man Edition (known as the TO bands) allow you to develop enough resistance for even the strongest people in the world. This doesn’t imply that you cannot use these bands for light weight. To accommodate the weaker muscles, the lightest resistance is 3lbs.

Bodylastics Can Be Used To Achieve A Variety Of Health And Fitness Goals

Resistance band exercises allow you to build strength and muscular endurance while toning your body and are simply another form of weight (resistance) training.

Don’t think there are only a few resistance band exercises, because you will be wrong to do so. In fact you will be able to substitute bands for free weights, create exercises on the move, or simply add on to your existing workout program exercises.

Sample Videos
Some Great Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do With Bodylastics…

You can create tremendous workout sessions with Bodylastics because they provide more than enough resistance and versatility on their own merit. Not only can you work all your body parts, but moving between exercises is also very easy to do so you can keep your heart rate up, and burn maximum calories.

Click on the image on the left to find some very useful sample exercises you can do with no more than Bodylastics resistance bands and a door. These are only a few of the many exercises and ways to use these bands, because they are a very versatile piece of equipment with virtually unlimited flexibility.

All the videos demonstrating the sample exercises use high-tension Bodylastics, which are designed for both very heavy or light resistance. These configurations will be a great long-term investment since they are very flexible.

Don’t make the mistake of only buying a cheap resistance band which has more limited wear and has a tendency t

Bodylastics Strongman
o break.

The cheaper bands not only snap easily, but they don’t have the necessary resistance to achieve the necessary tension you need. To increase strength and get the best results you need sufficient tension, especially for more functional exercises where large muscle groups are involved.

The best option, in my opinion is to get Bodylastics TO Bands / Strong Man versions because they allow you to add and subtract multiple resistance tubes easily in order to create extremely heavy or very light resistances.

Don’t need the heavy resistance options that the TO Bands / Strong Man versions offer?

Then check out all of the other products available here:

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